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Under the terms of your Insurance Contract, it is the responsibility of each property owner to take the necessary steps to prevent additional damage as well as secure the property from being a hazard to the public. People are often drawn to a damaged house through curiosity, and led to believe that it’s contents have no value when this may not be true.

Temporary Repairs to Prevent Additional Damage

  • Properly close and lock (if possible) windows, doors and any other openings that would allow people free access.

  • Cover any opening in the roof to protect your property against the elements.

  • In cold weather, if heat can’t be restored to the structure immediately, drain all supply lines and water heaters, and blow out both hot and cold supply lines with air, put anti-freeze in all sinks, toilet bowls and tub traps.

  • If moisture exists, every effort should be taken to remove it as quickly as possible.

  • The electricity should be restored to the structure as quickly as possible by a qualified person.

  • Completely seal the structure if it is cold so that heat will not escape from the building.

  • Make sure water heaters are drained, and turned off.

Tax Deductions

If you are not insured, or if your insurance will not cover the total extent of your damages, you may be able to deduct some or all of your losses on your federal income tax return. For further information, contact your local Internal Revenue Office.

Birth Certificates

Copies of birth certificates can usually be obtained from the Births and Deaths office in the city in which you were born. They will need to know your name, current mailing address, date of birth, hospital in which you were born, mother’s maiden name and father’s name.

Social Security / Medicare Cards

If your Social Security or medicare cards are destroyed, call your local Social Security Administration Office. You can apply for a new card at this office and the replacement card is free.

Military Discharge Papers

Veterans can obtain standard Form 180 from their local office of the Veterans Administration to make application for copies of destroyed military discharge papers. If additional help is needed, contact your local Red Cross.

Marriage or Death Certificates

To obtain a copy of your marriage or death certificate, apply to the County Clerk in the county where the form was originally issued.

Divorce Decrees

Make a request for a certified copy of the divorce decree at the place it was issued.