An outdated exterior to your home can glimmer down your energy too. Your home’s exterior is the first thing that your visitors see. Make it appealing! Damage Control, Inc. is your partner and addresses all your concerns. We are a full service team that will help you turn around the boring exterior of your home’s facade and give it a totally new and refreshing look. Get in touch with our well-adept team to obtain high-quality results.

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Why Damage Control Inc?


Nationally certified for water damage repair.


12-month warranty on all repairs.


Locally owned and operated for over 20 years.


Bonded and insured

24 Hour Emergencies

Emergencies happen, and quick reactions are essential, that’s why our team of experts is available 24/7.

Convenient Appointments

Convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule – including Saturdays..

Fully Trained Staff

We are trained on the latest equipment to assure that the job is completed properly and you are 100% satisfied.

No Answering Service

You will not speak to an answering service no matter what time of the day or of the night you will call.

No hidden charges

You only pay what you are quoted, no extra charge, no hidden prices.

Professional Equipment

We use the highest class professional cleaning machines.

Kids & Pet Friendly

We do not use any toxic or harmful products.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the results, we will come back for a re-cleaning or refund your money.



To help you maximize the value of your home, Damage Control. Inc, works efficiently using years of experience to create a unique look for the exterior of your house. With combined efforts of our Licensed contractors, designers, technicians, we complete our projects with sheer determination.

We provide a blend of services for you to have the home of your dreams.


  • House’s windows and doors
  • Silding
  • Roof eaves
  • Chimney designs
  • Stucco Facade
  • Brick and stonework
  • Roof tiling
  • Porch Built
  • Column design and construction


From the initial meeting to the final walk- through, Damage Control, Inc sticks by you. We offer product lines that will fit your budget and add to your house’s curb appeal.


  • Initial Consultation.
  • Assess and measure
  • Design Planning
  • Set a Budget
  • Construction and Removal
  • Installation
  • Cleanup

To make an appointment, call 800-716-2565 or click here to request an appointment online.

We used Damage Control for some water damage we had from a leaking roof. Through their excellent work on that project, we found out that they also did home remodeling. After a few quotes from other companies along with Damage Control, we decided to go with them again for our complete bathroom and kitchen remodel. We are so pleased with the work! A few hitches here and there which is always to be expected with any remodel, but everything was handled professionally and communication was terrific. Would not hesitate to use them again. In fact, in a month we will be using them again to paint the outside of our home!

Andrea Bach recommends Damage Control Inc.

Trusted Exterior Remodeling Restoration Services For All Sizes Since 1992

24/7/365 Emergency Response

Damage Control Inc. is a family-owned general contracting company specializing in restoration-based work. Emergency mitigation, property stabilization, and providing accurate estimates are just some of the services that are offered. Established in 1992 by the late Phil Isenhour, Damage Control prides itself on being the premier restoration company in the Midwest.

Damage Control’s reputation has earned us respect in the industry due to our immediate response, quality workmanship, and fair estimates; leading to numerous awards from trade organizations and outstanding ratings from our customers.

To make an appointment, call 800-716-2565 or click here to request an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exterior Remodelling Services In New Berlin, WI

What is the first step to exterior remodeling?

If you are planning to get your exterior remodelled, the first step is yours to take. Do your research. Acknowledge what your house demands and recognize your priorities. Make a list of tasks that are to be done. You can also have ideas and designs in your mind to help your contractor understand what you want. You may contact Damage Control, Inc. for assistance.

How much will it cost for me to get my exterior remodeled?

Multiple factors contribute to determining the cost.The type of product you choose for your exterior, the amount of work to be done, the size of your home, the kind of insulation you require, so on and so forth. Damage Control, Inc. will have a team member visit and assess your requirements and will provide you with a free estimate quote that your budget allows.

Does Vinyl siding cause fire?

This is absolutely incorrect. Fires usually initiate and stay indoors. ASTM E162-06 test approves PVC as a lower radiant panel index product that has an almost negligible contribution in residential or commercial fires. Adding to it, vinyl cladding is a practical and cost-effective choice.

How long will it take for the completion of the project?

The time it will take to have the exterior of your house remodelled will be based on the size of the home and the area covered by the facade. It also depends upon the availability of the products you choose as well as the scope of the project. Anything involving reconstruction may take longer. Damage Control, Inc will make a plan for you and deliver all its services in time.

Will you help me choose the material to be installed?

After assessing your needs, requirements and tastes, the experts at Damage Control, Inc.will put forth suggestions for you to decide. Our team ensures that you get the best in quality products that suit your taste, needs and budget.

Will I require a Permit?

Exterior remodelling usually requires a permit as it involves major changes to be made in the blueprint of your house. Building a porch, adding fences, plumbing and electric works, siding projects etc. will require a permit. Damage Control Inc. helps you procure your permit.

Is it important that I choose an insured remodeling company?

Yes! It is extremely important to hire a remodeling company that is fully insured. It will cover any property damage or bodily injury that may happen during the reconstruction process. It protects both the parties, you and the company.


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